Tips To Throw A Party For A Mother-To-Be

If your best friend is expecting a baby then it calls for a grand celebration. A good way to make her happy and get all excited on this journey of life is by throwing a surprise baby shower for here. If this is your first time organizing a party for someone then here are a few tips that you could follow.

Have A Budget

Just like any other party this one too needs to have a budget to which you could stick to. Make sure your budget includes all the important things such as cake, food, decoration, dress and gift for the new mother to be. Since she is your best friend you could pool in a little extra compared to the rest of the crowd. When choosing food make sure you pick the best quality because you wouldn’t want her to fall sick.

If it is possible you could cook some delicious homemade food, probably one of the best dishes of you which is loved by your friend. Some people love to keep such parties at fancy hotels or restaurants, however, during this stage the mothers are likely to get tired more often. So keeping that in mind you could keep it at a house so even if the mother gets tired she is comfortable enough to take some rest. Also make sure you keep your phone charged so you could take loads of pictures. However, if the budget is high then you can even hire a photographer.

Something Creative

When choosing the gift and dress you need to be a little careful. For example, don’t go for extremely tight dress because most likely your friend might not fit in due to the baby bump and even if she does she is unlikely to be comfortable. So pick a loose dress and make sure it is not too long because then that is going to be risky. Also when picking up the gifts you could be a little thoughtful. For example, a double pram would be a great thing to give your best friends. This is where two babies can sit side by side. This is a great way to get your child and your friend’s child to bond right from the beginning so they too end up becoming best friends.

Keep It Secret

There is something really exciting about a surprise, so you need to keep things low and cannot let the cat of the bag. This can be difficult if you are really close to the person and meet them on a regular basis. So start with a WhatsApp group and the name of it should say nothing about the surprise. Also if it gets difficult for you to handle your friend all by yourself then you could include her husband in the plan. For example if the party is going to be at someone’s house then you could ask other friends and husband to handle the decoration while you keep the friend busy with other things. Yes this sounds like a lot of work but in the end it will all be worth it.

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