Tips for Painting Small Spaces

Decorating small or limited space in your home or apartment is tricky at best. No one likes small spaces but most homeowners want to make the best of them. If you live in the city, then small living spaces are inescapable. One of the easiest ways to make small spaces in your home look comfortable and elegant is to choose the right colour for it.

The paint colour you choose for an area in your home can make it seem big or small. Colour doesn’t just make your home look pretty. It sets the tone, mood, and affects how we perceive living areas. Therefore, the right colour can make even a reading nook in the house seem utterly luxe. Here are several tips you can use to beautifully colour small spaces and make the areas more liveable:

Avoid Multi-Colour Schemes

For small spaces, a monochromatic colour is truly the best. Experimenting with multiple colours in a very limited area is not a very good idea. Singular colours can make smaller spaces stand out, or blend in and become cosier. A single, dark tone could also make a small space look more spacious. Keeping colours the same shade as the furniture or decoration in the area can really make a small space pop out.

Choose a Dark Shade

Think a bright colour would liven up a small space? Actually, a bright colour could make a small space seem even smaller. A dark hue, on the other hand, can really open up the area. Remember, dark tones are cool. These shades create calmness, as opposed to warmer shades. If you want to complement a smaller area, then a dark tone is really the best choice here.

Use a Glossy Top Coat

Dark shades are great for creating a very precise type of atmosphere in small areas. However, dark tones are also dull. A small space done in a dark hue would make the area appear midnight dark rather than cool dark. You can largely avoid this scenario by using a glossy topcoat over the colour. The end result would be a luxurious lacquer look you won’t regret. One downside here is that glossy coating is very difficult to apply. You will need to hire an experienced professional Brisbane painter  to handle the job.

Keep the Shades Traditional

When it comes to dark hues, the colour choices are nearly unlimited. However, interior decorators highly recommend choosing traditional colour tones for small spaces. It allows the other detail in the area to become emphasized. A hip, fun shade may not have the intended effect.

Consider White Paint

Alternatively, you can choose white colours for small areas. This is a great option if you really want to avoid the light averse drawbacks of darker shades. White doesn’t do much, but can obscure or even stylize a small area. Do remember to choose the right shade of white for the job. Choosing the right colour often boil down to choosing the right shade.

Use the above tips liberally to repaint a small area in your home or apartment. Choose a dark tone, if possible, the make small spaces cool, spacious, and highly desirable.

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