Thoughts on Pizza by a Pizza Enthusiast

There are few things that are uniquely human in their nature. Things that we can have shown to aliens if they ever arrive to show them what we have done. Pizza is one of them and depending on whom you ask this is hardly an exaggeration. It is one of the most popular food items in the world. Why is it so? Some people have tried to rationally answer that question.

Living things, in general, have certain tastes when it comes to food, humans are not so different. Our tastebuds have a thing for foods that have sweetness, rich and complex flavors, and fatty-ness. Pizza has all of them, includes fatty-nests of the cheese, the richness of the meats, the sweetness of the sauces. When these things go into our mouths, our brains get excited and crave more of them. This is also due in part to a compound present in pizza toppings called glutamate. So many things about pizza learn from the source- you should visit pizza Geelong.

Another reason why pizza is so heavenly on the tastebuds is because of the combination of toppings. Individually, they taste okay. But together? The perfect marriage. Mixing the flavors makes pizza richer and more complex.

There are 2 secrets to delicious pizza and the first is caramelization. This making the ingredients are crispy and brown inside the oven. This process breaks down the sweet sugar compounds in the pizza. The second is called the “Millard reaction”; this is the process that makes the cheese and meats on the pizza brown.

How Pizzas Are Made?

At the risk of being very controversial, it does not take a rocket scientist or a culinary master chef to make decent pizza. Do not get me wrong. There are pizza artists with years of experience able to make the perfect pizza each and every time; they are also creative individuals that constantly reinvent the pizza. However, you can always make pizza at home.

Regardless of how it is made, there are a few fundamental steps in making a pizza that does not change. First, you have to assemble the dough for the pizza which is made of flour, water, salt, yeast, olive oil, and sugar. The dough is rolled into a circle (after the ingredients are mixed and chilled). A crust is also kept in the perimeter. Next, the shredded cheese goes on top, then the sauce, and finally the toppings in however way you fancy them. Be it meat, sausage, vegetarian, or dare I say it, pineapples even! Personalize your pizza in any way you like. The pizza is your canvas.

In goes the pizza into an oven, the oven can be electrical or woodfire. Woodfire ovens give pizzas a particular texture and taste, however. Once the pizza has been in the oven for some time and cooked, all that is left is to take it out and taste it, yummy!

I have yet to meet someone who dislikes pizza because there is an option available for anyone! It is such a versatile and delicious food.

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