The Pros and Cons of Google Home Smart Speaker

Google home is a type of a smart speaker developed by Google. These products are now becoming increasingly popular at homes If you are considering whether to buy or not to buy one of these devices, then here are some ideas to help you out in your decision. Read out the pros and cons of these smart devices given below.


Google assistant is conversional. It is always aware of the answers to your questions and can even answer the follow up questions. You can simply ask the date and time and even weather and it will answer you in an instant. The device is also able to recognize different voices. For example, if you use these devices at your home, it will be able to recognize different members of your family by their voice. As a result of voice recognition, the device is capable of giving out personalised answers to each different member. However, one disadvantage is that it cannot read or send messages.

Good Sound Quality

For a device that is small, the sound quality of these speakers is pretty awesome. Especially if you like to listen to music while at home, or want to let music play for background listening at the house, this is something you can try to use. The device also comes with the amazing feature of casting music to other speakers and videos onto a smart TV. The only downside is that it is not possible to connect these speakers with other devices from other brands.

Use Google Knowledge Graph

The device has access to Google knowledge graph. Which means, google home speaker  is able to answer any question you ask just as the desktop computer at your home or your personal laptop will do. The device can access millions of facts that contain the answer to a number of questions. This experience is largely similar to browsing online for some facts for school or office. And the access to Google knowledge graph makes the responses of this device more credible than other voice-controlled app or devices.


This device, considering all its features, comes at a reasonable price. With its voice recognition features, conversational nature, ability to come is different designs and the ability to get customized, good sound quality, you still don’t have to pay a ridiculously large sum to own one. Although a few complaints are there comparing the price of this with other smart speakers, when considering all the features it comes with and how it makes your daily activities faster and easier, Google home brings you more advantages than the disadvantage of having to pay a comparatively more price.

So here are some pros and cons of buying this device. Remember that since the world keeps popping up new gadgets every day with all its techy advancements, it is time for you to upgrade yourself. Try giving a chance to this new device and see how it can help you in your daily activities making everything much easier.

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