Prepping Up for Your Big Day

A wedding is a joyful celebration of the unity of two beautiful souls. It is indeed, a beautiful occasion and often stays in the memories of the couple and their families, and sometimes, everyone who witnessed it. A beautiful ceremony certainly could make beautiful prints in hearts and minds. However, as you know, there is always a lot of hard work and toil behind making this beautiful occasion happen, and to make it one that is cherished for a lifetime. Wedding planning is hard work that requires plenty of careful attention to many details, small and big.

The Ceremony

The significance of the ceremony is brought about by many contributory factors. The wedding venue plays a key role in making the rest fall into place. The right venue is important to create the right ambiance, the mood, and give your occasion a pleasing appearance. When you’ve got the venue right, the rest of the things like décor, music, and catering come together to add completeness to the occasion. When it comes to décor, some may opt for a pure, all fresh flowers look, while some may go for combinations of flowers, candles, lanterns, and other additions. Music is often the typical type that’s opted for, which is slow, romantic music. Catering is often a personal choice and could consist of many different combinations. All of this, however, would need to favour your budget. A small budget wouldn’t mean making sacrifices and letting your dreams go. Today, everything is possible or ‘made possible’ to fulfil all kinds of dreams.

For the Bride

Quite naturally, the bride would be required to do more prepping up. You may need to start getting your skin treatments and hair therapies done much earlier than the date of your wedding so that you have enough time to achieve the kind of natural appearance and the bridal glow you want. In the meantime, you would need to start looking for options to get your wedding gowns and accessories sorted. You would also need to scout out the best people who can do your wedding makeup. Come to think of it, all these little things are quite crucial because the bridal outfit and the bride’s makeup are two things that will actually ‘make’ her a bride. When it comes to the outfit, you will need to have a few trial sessions a couple of times before the finishing touches are done, especially if you are having the dress made. It is quite the same when it comes to makeup, too. Your makeup artist would do a trial to see which look suits you the best.

Guest lists & Invitations

You would ideally start working on the guest list as soon as your wedding dates are fixed, or even before that. A guest list would undergo continuous editing, even after the invitations are made ready. Therefore, it is something you would start on very early. Invitations, on the other hand, is usually done at the latter phase of the planning period, however, make sure you’ve picked out a design and have it ready as early as possible.

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