Planning a Camping Trip? Tips for You

Camping can be such a fun thing to do, especially if you go in groups. It does not have to be particularly rigorous either; a light trek/ hike in a not too distant spot from home will do quite nicely as well. That said, where you want to camp is entirely up to you, though you want to be sure that you can handle the trip in terms of fitness. Definitely do not put yourself under unnecessary duress. It is supposed to be fun not painful! If you plan to go on a camping trip that extends for a few days, then you most certainly need to plan well in advance, but even if not, you need to have a checklist and an idea of what is in store. This should help.

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The Location

Naturally, this would the first thing to tick off your list. Of course if you are going alone then this decision is pretty much open any which way, but if going with a group, you will have to take the highest number of votes or something similar to come to a mutual agreement. Once you have this narrowed down, you can figure out how you are going to get there. You may be able to drive up to a certain point, and then trek the rest, as there are some places that allow for that.

The Gear

You cannot possibly camp without the right camping gear. This is not an episode of Bear Grylls, and even if it was, we highly doubt any of us would be able to make our way like he does. So be sensible and try not to be too adventurous, in that you must invest in all the necessary equipment. This includes things like cooking stoves, because aside from needing to cook small meals, you need to boil water which is most important of all. Impure water can be deadly. You can visit stores like James Shields & Co who not only have an extensive array of camping items, but also a reputed name to go with them.

Your Budget

Even if it is a camping trip, you will have to incur some expenses. Spending some time nature does not really come for free anymore as sad as that might sound. Whilst you will not have expenses that shoot through the roof, you do have to factor in for a fair amount. Fuel for instance, gas for the stove, buying gear including tents and sleeping bags or renting them and first-aid are all essentials, and will cost you, so be prepared for it. Figuring out your budget early will help you plan better.

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Learn To Pack Well

The trick to making long camping trips less exhaustive is packing better. There is a way you can pack all of the items you will be taking along with you, so weight is evenly distributed in your backpack. Some backpacks are quite large, and improper posture can cause physical complications, which, if you go camping often, can be problematic. Learn the right technique so you also get a good workout with a great experience.

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