How Do You Plan A Wedding Ceremony?

Maybe a big wedding is a bit too cliché for you. Try out these tips for a simple wedding you would cherish forever!

Do Not Let the Guest List Run Longer Than Your Arm

It is normal to want to invite almost everyone to celebrate your love. But since we are talking about a simple wedding and trying to keep things as simple as possible, make sure that you stick to a limited guest list. The more guests you add into the list, the tendency that it would make the wedding less intimate and the costs can be high.

Do not invite guests just because you feel obligated. Talk to your partner and only include the people you think are close and important to the both of you equally.

KnowWhich Aspects Deserve More Attention

Know to draw the line between “inexpensive” and “simple”. Just because you wish for a simple wedding that does not mean you need to let go of the important stuff. This includes your bridal gown as well. The pictures of the wedding matter since they are the timeless memories that you would cherish forever.

Ask For Contributions and Not Wedding Presents

if you are blessed with a few talented friends who would be able to provide you with music, photography, videography, wedding planning or even catering, go for it. It will be a great way to keep things within a small crowd but it will also be a great way to keep your costs to a minimum. You will be able to rely on them unquestionably for a great service.

Choose an Intimate Place to Hold the Ceremony

Going ahead with a venue depends on your preferences. The idea of a simple wedding should definitely factor in when choosing the venue. If you prefer you can have the wedding in your backyard and you can easily serve the guests at home. Since the guest count is going to be low, it will be easy for you to accommodate the guests too.

But if you wish for something more elegant and do not want to turn your wedding into a mere house party, you can try out gardens and even beaches as your venue. If it is going to be either one of them, you will have to take care of the seating and altar arrangements on your own. Although it might sound like a hectic task you will be able to create everlasting memories with a ceremony this intimate and personal.

However, make sure that you have great backup plans and checked everything about the weather so that you would not let your guests take a shower in their finest clothes.


Try Out Minimalist Floral Arrangements

There is no point in keeping things minimal and simple and burning a hole through your wedding budget just for the flowers. Plus, if you keep the floral arrangements on a high and expensive note, it wouldn’t actually serve the idea of a simple wedding. Try out maybe one rose for each one of the bridesmaids and an ultra-simple bouquet for the bride. You can even try out making the bouquet on your own.

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