How to Throw the Perfect Beach Party

A beach party can be quite fun, it can be a kick start to your birthday. Here are a few tips that will help you to organize the perfect beach party.

Take Some Time for Planning

In order to play the perfect host you need to take some time off preparing. Most of the time people prefer having a beach party at the night because it gets tiring during the day, especially during the summer. Based on the time you want to have the party you could organize it. For example, if it is during the day you will have to get a tent to save the guests from the scorching heat. Apart from it, you will have to look into a lot of things from food, cake, music everything. This is going to be taking a lot of time so don’t delay. Start with the music because a beach party is incomplete without it. You could hire a DJ who would look into that. Next you have to arrange the food. Usually in such parties people go for light food as the main purpose is to dance the night away. You could include finger food such as sausages and other bites. If this is a barbeque party then the set-up is going to be a little different. You will have to organize the grill, charcoal and rest of the meat. Also keep in mind that this takes a lot of time so start with the barbeque at least thirty minutes before the guests arrive.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes while planning we tend to stick to the script and don’t think out of the box. This could be bad because you might miss a lot of things which will make the guests uncomfortable. In a beach party it is important to organize the toilets. If you live in Australia, you could hire portable toilets in Melbourne. This is something many hosts do miss out. It is cheaper to hire than building it from scratch and will also ensure that the guests won’t have to go too far to look for a toilet. Also this is more cost effective and saves water. This is because instead of flushing, the use of chemicals which will help to reduce the odour due to this gallons of water will be saved.

Add Little Details

Although a daytime beach party can be a bit exhausting it would look great on pictures. So take an extra effort to decorate the whole place out, you could get a tent and organize the sitting space for the guests. Make sure you have a theme here, opt for bright colours as they go perfectly for a daytime occasion. Also don’t forget to hire a photographer, it doesn’t have to be someone expensive just go for the one who has a good quality camera and knows how to use it properly.

Lastly, make sure you pick the right outfit for yourself, whether it’s a daytime party or at night make sure you get a short dress for yourself as it would be super comfortable. Also don’t pair it with fancy heels instead get yourself a pair of cute flip flops and get the party started!

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