How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding in 6 Simple Steps?

A method of incorporating sustainability into our lives has become increasingly popular as the years go by. Events- both small and large alike- have been taking eco-friendly measures to reduce their wastage and consumption so it should come as no surprise that sustainable weddings are becoming a popular route as well. A common misconception, however, is that you have to sacrifice quality in order to have a green wedding but here are some ways you can have both tipped towards your favor.


You don’t have to get married in a forest or a farm to have yourself a sustainable wedding. Your venue can be anywhere- you just have to make sure that it has a sustainable setup. For example, the décor would ideally be recyclable and sourced responsibly. It would be your mission to make sure that as many items as possible are hired rather than bought for one-time use.


When you make your choice of reception centres Melbourne, make sure to discuss with them the possibility of sustainable catering. Eco-friendly catering would ideally include locally sourced ingredients, as well as a vegetarian-focused menu. You don’t have to give up meat entirely- just reduce it as much as possible and you’ll find that you’ll also be saving a lot in the meantime. Ideally the table arrangements would include glass or ceramic tableware instead of plastic disposables, although this is pretty much a given.


Go the extra mile and cut down on those toxic exhaust fumes too by hiring a minibus! This would be great for a large-scale wedding with many guests. You can arrange a schedule of 2 to 3 stops so that the time spent travelling is minimized and so there’ll far less confusion too.

The Wedding Outfit

We tend to spend a hefty amount on our wedding dresses but did you know there are sustainable and much more affordable options that look just as great? You can take your pick between sustainable bridal gown boutiques that ensure the fabrics are appropriately sourced and are made with workers paid proper wages or you can invest in a preowned vintage gown (it’s not a choice that appeals to everyone but it’s definitely worth a shot!). You’d be surprised at how many people before you had great taste in their choice of bridal gown.


While flowers are an absolutely quintessential feature in a wedding, just think of how many flowers are wasted in a single ceremony? Donate your flowers after the ceremony so that they aren’t wasted on one-day use. You should also make sure to invest in locally sourced flowers so that transport costs are significantly reduced. Talk to the florist and arrange for foam-less and plastic-less arrangement-glass would do the trick just fine.


There are plenty of organic products your favours can include. Just make sure that it doesn’t involve any plastic products or any other wasteful packaging. With these steps you can host an incredibly sustainable wedding and start your wedded life off the right way!

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