How to Look Stylish No Matter What?

It is every woman’s dream to look stylish even if she is simply wearing her pyjamas. Here are a few tips that will help you to look stylish:

It Is an Art

Looking stylish and fashionable is an art and you will have to be creative. You cannot simply copy a style because it might not compliment you the same way it did your friend. Many people simply buy the same dress a celebrity wore but they never look as good as them. Do you know why? Because everyone’s body is different, they have different hair texture, skin colourand height. This is why you need to be creative to know what looks best on your body and dress according to it. Even if you buy the same dress as your favourite celebrity, in order for it to look good on you, you will have to style it differently. For example, you might have to go for a different kind of hairstyle or wear different types of shoes.

Own Different Kinds of Clothes

A common misconception many people have is that they feel that they will only look stylish if they look a certain way, which is mostly skinny. This is completely wrong, just because fashion shows are full of thin models it doesn’t mean that clothes are made only for them. You need to love yourself no matter whatever size and shape you are. Instead of complaining about your body learn to embrace it and wear clothes that will complement it. For example, a skin fitting dress won’t look good on someone who has abit of fat on the stomach. Same way baggy clothes won’t look good on an extremely skinny person. Choose clothes that are made for your body type. For example if you are slightly on the heavier side then you could invest in things like plus size hosiery. Keep in mind that clothes play a huge role in making you stylish so don’t just blindly pick your outfits.

Groom Yourself

Many women think that looking stylish is all about what you wear. Although clothes have a role to play it is not just about them. Your looks also matter so make sure you groom yourself. Start taking care of your hair and skin. You could go for a regular hair oil massage at the salon or even do it at home. Apart from this make sure you trim your ends every three months to ensure there are no split ends. You could also do a hair mask once a week. There are many brands such as Lush and Coco and eve that sell hair masks but if you are on a low budget you could make one simply using kitchen ingredients such as egg and castor oil. If you have healthy hair you will be able to style it will and experiment with different looks. Same way having a clean skin will ensure you would need minimum makeup, to achieve this keep your skin clean. Always wash your makeup no matter how tired you are and stay hydrated.

The above tips will help you to stay stylish!

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