How To Keep Your BBQ Grill Clean

When summer hits you and all you can think of is heating up the grill and having BBQ’S with your family, why hesitate? Is your grill not in its best state? This is probably because you haven’t taken the effort to maintain it or clean it. Most people use it very regularly during the summer and just keep it in a dirty state throughout the winter. This will do your BBQ grill no favors. Cleaning your grill seems a pain. But surprisingly enough it is a relatively easy task and will help in enhancing the longevity of your BBQ grill.

Look Out For The Manufacturer

You might want to take a look at the instruction manual when cleaning your grill. Most manuals contain specific instructions on how to clean to your grill in the most effective way. Every grill is different in its make and features, pay heed to this. Interestingly enough while most tips will you to cool down the grill before cleaning, heating up your grill to its maximum temperature can literally burn off the grime and stubborn food particles you get on the grill. This basically carbonizes any leftover impurities. After your grill cools down then it is time to attack the thing with a steel brush and make sure you got those awkward corners, because dirty corners on the grill can come back to haunt you later, not to mention serve as a potential health risk in the long run.

Warm Soapy Water

This is a classic. Warm soapy water is known to be extremely effective in getting your grill to back to shining in the sun. It also helps in destroying and preventing the formation of bacteria from leftover food particles and is a good health precaution as well. Sometimes, though BBQ grill cleaning is annoying for most people, remember it will only be at its best if you keep it clean and well-maintained. Remember not to use cleaners and tools that can harm your grill, there are products in the market that are specially designed for this purpose, so seek out these and use the same. When using cleaning solutions test it out on a small area of your grill and check if it seems compatible. Looking out for a multipurpose cleaner is not a bad idea as well. Some cleaning solutions are known to not only eradicate impurities but also prevent any kind of rust forming on your grill. Rust can be your Grill’s worst enemy so watch out for it.

Food Particles

Needless to say this is the most common type of grime and dirt you will find on your grill. Some recommend using a pin to carefully pick out those stubborn leftovers from your grill however this may be a slow process in itself. Some soapy water would definitely loosen it up. One mandatory rule however is waiting for your grill to cool down. Do not try to attempt any cleaning while it is hot or risk getting yourself a seriously burnt hand. Let’s not have that on the menu as well.

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