How The Pokémon Craze Influences Our Lives

One might think that the craze for Pokémon is only limited to those who are interested. But the truth is, Pokémania affected us one way or the other that it started to occupy our daily dealings as well. This is not necessarily a bad thing or a nuisance, in fact, there are several positive outcomes society has experienced because of Pokémania.

The rapid expanse of this multi-cultural phenomenon helped older siblings connect with their younger siblings, innovators and developers are inspired to come up with creations that could compete with the franchise or to ride its popularity, exported goods are not dominated by one country anymore and the economy of Asian countries, particularly Japan prospered because of exporting and local businesses saw an increase in profit because of the obsession with these cute pocket monsters.

Siblings With A Big Age Gap Become Closer

Altercations and misunderstandings among siblings are normal. But because of Pokémania, siblings have become closer even those with a big age gap and from the opposite gender. Older siblings became closer with their younger brothers and made playing and buying new pokemon trading cards a bonding experience. Parents even became interested in what their children are interested in.

Improved New Technology

Since the development of Pokémon Go, an augmented reality mobile game, inventors and developers of new applications and games that could rival it began sprouting. The new inventions might not be up to par with Pokémon Go (yet), but the game managed to inspire innovation and creativity. Accessories that could be used to properly and more effectively play the game have also been invented such as Pokémon Go plus, a smart wristband to keep the player updated regarding the game without the need to constantly look at their phone. The wristband will notify the player when a Pokémon is nearby by blinking and the player only needs to tap on the wristband’s button to catch the Pokémon. The use of the accessories is recommended since it is safer and the risk of hitting something or falling while playing is minimized.

Exports Are Not Monopolized By One Country Anymore

Exports have been monopolized by China for a long time now, but people are suddenly interested in goods from Japan especially if these goods bore Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff and Squirtle’s faces. Collectors from all over the world who desires authentic and rare items usually order from Japan helping the country’s economy. Tourism also soars since fans of the merchandise became interested in the culture of Japan visited the country to see where it all began.

Growth Of Local Businesses

With Pokémon Go strategically placing species of Pokémon on famous landmarks and places of interest, local businesses in the area grew because of the surge of these players who became hungry and thirsty or who needed a place to rest from chasing Pokémon.

Perhaps the success and the positive effects the franchise brings could be attributed to the nostalgia of the fans from the ’90s and the curiosity of those who have never heard of Pokémon growing up. Positive word of mouth recommendations also helped the franchise expand even to those who are not within its target market.  Since the infiltration of Pokémania could now be felt in our daily lives, like them or hate them, they are here to stay so might as well join in the craze. Happy hunting!

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