Helping Your Preschooler Achieve The Milestones Of Development

The five domains of early childhood development have been identified as Physical Development, Cognitive Development, Social/Emotional Development, Language Development and Self-help/Adaptive Development. And preschools help young children achieve specific milestones in each of these five domains of development so that they can grow into successful adults.

1.      Physical Development Skills

  • These skills include the following;
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills – muscle control, balance and coordination
  • Body awareness
  • Rest, exercise, health and nutrition
  • Self-help skills such as feeding and personal grooming

The Role Of Preschool In Physical Development

Children become more aware of the capabilities and limitations of their bodies during the early childhood years.  The preschool provides children with lots of opportunities to practice physical development skills and achieve important milestones in this domain.  As such, do not delay.  You’ve got to enrol early or miss out on this excellent opportunity to help your child achieve some of the significant milestones in his life.

The preschool curriculum is enriched with plenty of activities to strengthen the fine motor skills as well as self-help skills.  These activities are intertwined with play to fine-tune their gross motor skills too.  The importance of healthy meals and personal hygienic grooming is stressed to both the children and their parents.

2.      Cognitive Development Skills

Learning and thinking skills constitute Cognitive Development.  It includes the following;

  • Asking questions & simple reasoning
  • Evolving an increased attention span
  • Problem solving
  • Visual discrimination, comparing, matching , sorting and organizing

The Role Of Preschool In Cognitive Development

The preschool takes children in for as little as 2 hours initially and engages them with interesting activities.  Gradually the time is built up to regular preschool hours, thus increasing the children’s attention span.

Children develop their cognitive abilities by asking questions and reasoning out why and how things happen.  The pre-number skills in the preschool curriculum cover aspects such as matching, sorting, comparing and organizing.

3.      Social/Emotional Development Skills

These are skills that help children navigate their feelings and learn how to react and respond to social situations.  They include the following;

  • Regulating one’s own behaviour and emotions
  • Developing friendships and healthy relationships
  • Creating a positive personal identity
  • Developing memory, curiosity for the world around them
  • Developing persistence
  • Participating

The Role Of Preschool In Social/Emotional Development

Under this domain children need to feel safe, nurtured, loved and respected.  The preschool meets all of these needs of the child.  Further, it navigates their feelings and teaches them the way to react and respond to social situations.

4.      Language Development Skills

These are the skills for communicating their ideas and feelings. These skills include the following;

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening

The Role Of Preschool In Language Development

The “circle time” with stories effectively meets the need for teachers to read to their children regularly. Picture reading, poems, singing as well as pre-writing skills at the preschool greatly contributes to the language development of children.

5.      Self-help/Adaptive Development

These are the essential self-help skills needed for daily living. These lead the child to be independent.  They include the following;

  • Dressing
  • Brushing teeth and combing hair
  • Feeding themselves
  • Using the toilet and washing up

The Role Of Preschool In Self-Help/Adaptive Development

The skills needed for daily living will lead a child to become independent.  In a preschool set up, children are given many opportunities each day to learn these self-help skills.

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