The First Few Steps of Your Wedding Planning

The question is popped. There is a ring involved. Now it is the time to plan the wedding of your dreams. While it can be a bit overwhelming to handle everything on your own, once you have enough help and support things will be much easier. Here are some tips to consider.

Before Twelve Months

Twelve months prior to the wedding is the time for you to come up with your ultimate wedding budget. This is quite important since you will have to go ahead and make the bookings for the wedding band, the catering services as well as the venues.

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It is also the time for the guest list to be made. You can go ahead and come up with a guest list for your wedding. The length of the guest list for your wedding will solely depend on the type of wedding you are having. If it is an intimate wedding reception, you will have around 20 to 50 guests on the list. Even so, you will have to go ahead and make the guest list since if your guests are living in faraway places or have very busy schedules so that they would be able to set aside the date or the time.

Go ahead and book the venues at around this time as well. Even if it is one of the wedding venues Bendigo you should try and book it beforehand so that things will go much easier once you are getting closer to the date.

It is also the time to hire yourself a wedding planner if you need some help with the wedding planning. You can get some recommendations from your friends and family who have got the help from a wedding planner in the recent past. You can consult the wedding planner about the catering services as well as any other entertaining services.

Before Eleven Months

You can go ahead and select a theme for the wedding as well. This will help decide the colours for the bridesmaids’ dresses, the cakes as well as the decorations. It is time to make bookings with the photographer, caterer and the videographer as well.

Before 10 Months

Start with shopping for your wedding gown. You should be able to consult your wedding planner about this. However, if you know what you want or if you know what you always wanted to wear during your wedding, you can try and shop for it on your own. Gather some girls with you and go shopping for the wedding gown. It is also time to make bookings for the hotel rooms as well.

This is the time most couples use to go ahead and take proper engagement pictures as well. Some choose to create their own wedding website as well. However, many others try to sidestep this stage as well in order to keep things private and sentimental. Nevertheless, this is a great way to communicate with your wedding planner and everyone else involved in the wedding party quickly and easily. It is also a great way to share your ideas as well.

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