5 Reasons Steel Pegs Are the Best

Why not pick some steel pegs up? They’re much better than wooden and plastic options. We’ve talked about why below. Read ahead if you want to learn more.

They Look Good

Who would’ve ever thought that you’d be able to spice pegs up? They’re usually boring pieces of plastic or wood, that’d catch no attention. But when you get them in stainless steel, they’re extremely sleek. Many prefer them just because of how good-looking they are.

As they look better, manufacturers tend to place more intricate designs and effects on their surfaces. Personally, this makes stainless steel pegs a very unusual yet great gift.

They Last Longer

Wooden pegs don’t last long. They’re made from biodegradable material that is not resistant to the environment. Although plastic pegsdegrade very slowly, they release toxins when broken down.

Ones made from steel will last a very long time. You can expect good-quality ones to be by your side for up to 40 years.

As they are made from metal, they are resistant to the elements too; you won’t ever have to worry about corrosion or rusting again.

Get Your Money Back

Compared to wooden and plastic pegs, stainless steel ones are not as common. Although they come with more benefits, they’re just not as in-use. This is why manufacturers do as much as possible to drive their sales

It’s not uncommon to find sellers offering money-back guarantees for the products. Depending on who you bought from, this time limit would differ. Most of the time, it would be 40 days.

Speaking of them tempting you to buy the products, you’ll find the pegs going on discounts and sales. Anyone would appreciate this.

Lessen Your Environment Impact

Let’s talk about how bad plastic is. Not only does it take a long time to degrade (hundreds of years), but it also leaches toxins as it is broken down.

The material is unfortunately eaten by wild-life, which causes damages to their insides due to the toxins released.

Stainless steel is strong so it’s resistant to the elements and never has to be thrown out like plastic. As a result, you’re helping save the environment.

Reduce Staining

When wood gets wet, it stains. Your white shirt that was hanging on the line now has patches of brown all over it. The hinges in plastic and wooden pegs can rust, causing staining on whatever is hanging too.

Stainless steel is a metal that’ll never corrode, rust, or stain. Your clothes would always be in pristine condition.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum everything we discussed up. Pegs made from stainless steel are not as common as their plastic or wooden counterparts. This is unfortunate, as there is a myriad of reasons why it is the better choice. From our assortments, the clearest is that it will last a very long time. Some steel peg manufacturers even joke about how you can pass the items to your grandchildren!

Of course, they won’t rust or stain your clothes either. Who wouldn’t want that?

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